Psychological Assessments

A psychological assessment is conducted by a psychologist to gather information about how people think, feel, behave and react.

Insightful Living Co. provides cognitive ability, academic achievement, memory, and vocational assessments for individuals across the lifespan.

How is an assessment completed?

Generally psychological assessments include a range of ways for gathering information and may include interview, observation, consultation with other professionals and formal psychological testing. Psychological testing involves the administration, scoring and interpreting of psychological tests.

The assessments are conducted in a quiet room using a range of tasks that can include paper-and-pen activities and questionnaires, and completion of set puzzles and activities. Some tasks can be completed on an iPad.

What Assessment is suitable?

The type of assessment required will be determine during the initial appointment where we will discuss what the concerns are. Further information may be required from third parties, including teachers and parents or other caregivers.


Fees will vary depending on the assessment and tests required. Please contact us for more information.

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