Vocational Assessments

A Vocational Assessment is a formalised report that includes an individual’s work history, their transferable skills, aptitude, and personality factors. The results of this assessment help match individuals with the right job or career path.

This assessment may be beneficial for:

  • injured workers looking to return to work
  • students unsure about a suitable career path
  • individuals looking for promotions/career advancements
  • workers unsure of their next career move
  • parents returning to the workforce or education

Employers looking to place suitable candidates in roles, helping their current employees return to work, and who are looking to better understand their employees, can also benefit from implementing vocational assessments with their staff.

The Assessment Process

The assessment process includes:

  1. Initial appointment- focuses on vocational needs, interests, aspirations, career objectives, educational and vocational history and reasons for requesting the assessment.
  2. Assessment over one to two sessions – the number of sessions will depend on the tests required. In addition, an online questionnaire is required to be completed at home.
  3. Feedback session 1- copy of the report from the online questionnaire is provided and discussed
  4. Scoring and interpreting results – each assessment will be scored and interpreted against standardised results by the psychologist after the testing has been completed.
  5. Report writing – the test results and other information gathered are combined to complete the report, including recommendations and advice.
  6. Feedback session 2– the psychologist will provide a Full Career Assessment report, discussing the outcomes of the assessments and provide recommendations to the individual. Additional sessions can also be organised with third parties, such as schools, employers and allied health practitioners, as required.

At the time of booking the assessment, a minimum of four appointments will be scheduled.

A minimum of 10 working days is required before the feedback session and completion of the report.

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